Sunday, August 05, 2012

MOPS - Mothers of Preschoolers

When I found out I was pregnant I knew just the place to go to energize me to be a "new/Old" mommy again- MOPS or Mothers of Preschoolers. I use to be a member of this group back when dos and tres were wee little bits and we lived in Colorado Springs. In fact, when I was a member way back when, we were in our 2nd year of forming the group. It was the first MOPS group to form in a Catholic church. Now with cuatro I had a chance to go back. I went to two meetings last season before I ended up in the hospital. These women came and visited me, sent cards, found baby items that I had not gotten yet and provided meals for my family and most of them had not even had a chance to meet me! (these women certainly showed me the meaning of this verse) Love as if your life depended on it. Our theme this year is from 1 Peter 4:8-11
Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it. Love makes up for practically anything. Be quick to give a meal to the hungry, a bed to the homeless- cheerfully. Be generous with the different things God gave you, passing them around so all get in on it: if words, let it be God's words: if help, let it be God's hearty help. That way God's bright presence will be evident in everything through Jesus, and he'll get all the credit as the One mighty in everything- encores to the end of time. Oh yes!
Plunge! Love as if your life depended on it. In getting ready for the MOPS year this verse really spoke to me. In my life I am always plunging into things be it an organization or motherhood. Greg is always telling me that I spread myself out too much sometimes, but I can't just join a group I have to be a part of it. (I am in charge of membership for MOPS and I am corresponding secretary for the PSC) However I wish this mentality leaked over to other parts of my life, like exercising. The other part that really speaks to me is the part that tells you to be generous with your gifts that God has given you. How challenging this verse is as I am still trying to figure out my gifts, my calling, my direction.

Friday, August 03, 2012

How Time Flys......

You can see how good I am at keeping my resolutions.... As with much of the things in my life it is hard to keep track of my good intentions if I am not thinking of them daily.
All sorts of fun events happened while I was away. I had a couple of scary moments with my pregnancy that sent me to the hospital only to be sent home again with the baby being fine. One of these happened in November, after spending half the day in the emergency room I was told "to take it easy but the fetus looked okay." I was so nervous -- I had not even digested the fact that I was having another baby and then to be scared into thinking it might not make it... It made me develop a love for my little miracle even more and it forced us to tell JP, Daniel and Becca about "Cuatro" sooner than we would like because how do we explain that daddy is rushing mommy to the hospital today instead of to church???

Needless to say their reaction was mixed. JP, who I thought would be fine with the news, took it hard saying "he did not want to raise another one" -- Which I found funny since to my knowledge he has not raised anyone, and I have to remind him to feed the dog!
Daniel's first response was "I am no longer the middle child!". He was pretty excited about the possibility of a little brother or sister. Rebecca was also excited about being a big sister (I thought she would have the hardest time) She couldn't wait to meet the new arrival -- but she hoped it was gonna be a little sister since she had always wanted one. 
Again in January we had another scare and I was spotting again. It was a Sunday again(the baby likes to shake things up on Sundays) and Greg drove me to the closest hospital -- St Francis. I was placed on the monitor for an hour and told that the baby sounded good and I was free to go just take it easy.
Later that month we found out that "Cuatro" was a boy

We broke the news to the kids with a big Its a Boy balloon in a box.
All of the kids were getting excited and even JP seemed to be coming around at times. I was praying hard that he would come to love little "cuatro" as I had.  Rebecca was okay with the baby being a boy since I told her that really we girls rule the house and that it benefited her because she would never have to share a room, or clothes or any girl stuff because she was it!
In April I woke up (April 15th -- Sunday) and panicked there was blood all over me and the sheets and all I could think of was I had lost the baby -- But I could still feel him moving. I yelled for Greg. I had never seen him dress so fast- he rushed me to the hospital all the while trying to calm me down.
We went up to the maternity ward and we were hooked up to the machine -- an hour later we were told the baby was fine and to go home -- we did not even get to see a doctor. I was taken home and Greg had me stay on the couch the whole day. On Monday we had a scheduled appointment to see the baby (Ultrasound) at another hospital Memorial. They noticed that yes the baby looked fine but his fluid level was lower than what it was a month ago. They advised us to go to our doctor at Fort Carson and have them look at it.   

*** Although I did not blog during this time I did keep a journal of emails I sent to family and friends everyday updating them on my progress-- The following is what I wrote during that time***

Monday April 16 –
so today did not go as we had planned at all but then I remember perhaps we plan too much! God is in charge!
I am in the hospital now and will be here until cuatro decides to arrive. Sunday I was bleeding and went into the ER they monitored me and said the baby looked good and sent me home. today was a scheduled Ultrasound to check his growth (at a different hospital)-- which by the way is good -they measured him in the 50% at 3 lbs 6 oz.They said my fluid was low and recommended we go to Ft Carson where I have been going and was going to deliver (different hospital) we were half way there so we went- They discovered the leak and from there I was transported to Memorial Hospital (the ultra sound hospital) because Ft Carson does not deliver younger than 36 weeks and Memorial has and awesome neonatal unit- I got to ride in an ambulance - which was pretty cool if you are not in a hurry! Side note: if you are driving behind and ambulance give them lots of room it was scary seeing how close cars came to it!

So it was discovered my water broke - unknown to me and so now our birth plan is to hold on to cuatro as best we can inside of me! I have been given steroids to help produce his lungs and lots of antibiotics to ward away infection. I am also on an IV of water and leg squeezers as I call them to continue circulation in my legs. Tomorrow I will be given another shot of steroids and then taken off Magnizium which is a relaxant to keep the uterus calm and not contract. Currently I am not having contractions which is good and I do not have a fever which is an indication of infection so that is also good. After I am taken off Magnizum then we wait and see when cuarto wants to come-- Our short term goal is to make it to Wed. Long term is to make it to 34 weeks -- I am 30 weeks now. At 34 weeks we will evaluate to see how cuatro is and if it would be better to deliver him or keep him inside.  So that is the scoop!

Greg is going to try to take this week off and situate the kids and play Mr mom! PRAY FOR HIM! I know he will do wonderfully but this was not expected so he is picking up mid game and a lot of things will need to be rethought- like Becca's surgery and Sylvan.

I am hooked to wifi and will be scrapping - I also have my phone, Kindle and Clyde (my ipod) so I should lots to do while I wait. Keep us in your prayers and I will keep you updated as our progress. It helps to remember like everything in this pregnancy (including the pregnancy) that God has a plan and He knows what is best for us - and it is not always what we think should happen, but all will be good!

Alright I love you all -- Sorry for the rambling (remember I am a bit loopy  ;)  )  I will write or call soon. (feel free to forward this I could only write to those emails I had in memory)

Tuesday April 17 –

Today we were happy to learn that everything was on track and they took me off the Magnesium (the muscle relaxer) which was good because my vision was very blurry on it. They gave me the final steroid shot today and moved me to the Women's Pavilion - down the hall from Labor Delivery- where women go to sit and wait I guess. I was very happy to move as that meant 1/2 of the wires came off me. I thought I would get rid of the leg suctions but no such luck -- I did convince them to let me take them off at night! It is awful to lay there and have your legs strangled every 10 min. while trying to sleep! (Also the bed is more comfy ;)) I am still on the antibiotics to ward off infections and we are still on a wait and see bases with the baby and hoping he and my body will agree to keep him in here for another 4 weeks. In the meantime I am feeling contractions every 45 min or so but I am told it is nothing to panic about.......

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

It is not my call so I will just try to wait patiently. Thank you for the prayers.

I will keep you updated.

Wednesday April 18 –

Laura Bell visited
Stacie visited
Stephanie Zimmerman visited

All was quiet on the "Cuatro" front -- which is a good thing --We made it to Wednesday, this was the most important time because now all the big drugs are inside me -- I am still taking antibiotics but I am no longer on an IV which makes going to the bathroom easier! Unfortunately with all the drugs comes the side effects of my sugar level going up- I am now being treated with insulin I am told this will pass after he is born -- lets hope so because that is no fun!!
I have had several visitors today from the Spouses Club come by and it was nice to see some friendly faces. Of course Greg stopped by after a couple of hours of work and then he brought all the kiddos up to see me after dinner. It was wonderful to see them too-- I think they have grown since I have been gone.

Thank you for your continued prayers, emails, texts and calls you do not know how much they mean to me!!

Love you all,

Thursday April 19-

 Last night I was not able to update you, but wanted to let you know all was good. Cuatro was being a stinker yesterday not cooperating with the nurses. He would move when they wanted to monitor his heart beat or be napping when they wanted to monitor his movement. I went in for another ultra sound yesterday to check on him- the fluid was still low but he looked good - They were looking to see fluid level, his movement and flexibility, and his "practicing" lung movement. I was amazed that they could even see him try to take a breath! God is so good!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Love Gina

Friday  April 20
 Renee visited
Audra from MOPS called

I was able to get some sleep last night and felt great this morning and then discovered I had started leaking/bleeding again, so they put me on complete bed rest only getting up to go to the bathroom. Cuatro was very active today and he was cooperative with the monitors so that was good. My blood sugars have leveled off. I am taking lots of antibiotics and an insulin shot at night that keeps my levels good through out the day.

The doctor came by to talk with me, he confirmed that I was in there for a tear and that they were going to watch for either more leaking, placenta tearing, or infection. At 34 weeks we would look at getting him out because at this altitude it was more dangerous to leave him in than to induce. It was really good for me to have him confirm all this since it is so hard to be away from my family even if I know it is for the best.

I am trying to keep busy-- Greg says I have found the end of the internet! He brought me a bin of pre-school folders to sort through (I had wanted to do this before Cuatro came) and nurses moved those on the bed for me to sort it.-- I got rid of half the stuff in the bin-- I have also downloaded all my scrapbook CD's that I have not gotten around to. Tomorrow I might see if I can remember how to crochet.
Greg brought Jonathan and Becca out to visit (Daniel was with a friend in Denver) and I was treated to a pedicure from Rebecca.  We played Apples to Apples and had a nice visit.

Thank you for your continued prayers,

Saturday April 21
Melissa and Cecilia called
Lisa Nuckles called
Rhoades family visited

( Becca cleans dog throw up by Bleaching carpet, Dog poos in basement, Daniel floods bathroom with sink water while Greg is picking up bleach, laundry room light fixture fills with water Greg looses parts of light)

I had a quiet day a the hospital -- Not much has changed, I am still restricted to my bed and the baby is still doing well. I did fantasize that I was at the beach today while the sun was streaming into my room and I was laying on the bed -- It helped pass the time.
Greg's boss and wife came by to visit and brought me People Magazine, Star magazine and some other tabloid-- why do we only read these secretly in the doctors office or in check out lines> I learned so much about what the stars were doing!

A lot of you have asked how Greg is doing and I thought I would add an exert from his facebook posting today.  Enjoy!

What a day! Gina is in the hospital for the next few weeks until "Cuatro" arrives in this world, so I'm juggling my job and trying to be Superdad for the other three kids. Today started as a great day, to include a fantastic workout on my bike in picture perfect 70 deg Colorado weather.

Then it started. I returned from a 20 minute errand and my 10 year old daughter informs me that one of the dogs barfed on her bedroom carpet, but not to worry since she cleaned it up. My first clue something was amiss was when she asked me if it means something is really clean if it was originally pink and is now white. It wasn't until I got upstairs that I realized she was talking about a throw rug in her room. Sure enough, one edge of it is now white as snow. I immediately asked what she used to clean the barf. Turns out it was tub and tile cleaner WITH CLOROX!!!! She had sprayed it onto her carpet and got a little on the throw rug. I spent the next hour soaking it and cleaning it with my steam cleaner praying the whole time I would not have to replace the carpet.

Part way through that, my kids inform me that one of the one of the dogs just took a dump on the basement carpet. Now I'm pi$$ed. After a few minutes (still shampooing Becca's floor at this point) I'm starting to calm down when I see my two boys run past with bundles of wet towels in their arms. When I ask what the hell they are doing, they inform me that in the process of getting water for me to dilute the bleach one of them left the bathroom sink on, the drain had clogged, and they had flooded the upstairs bathroom. They then tell me not to worry because they already dried it all up with the towels.

Finally I went downstairs thinking it just can't get any worse and decided to throw in another load of wash. Note the laundry room is directly under their bathroom. When I walked in I saw water on the floor in front of the washer. I immediately "Oh $hit now the washer is on the blink". Then water dripped on my head. I looked up and there was about a gallon of water inside the glass light fixture. A damn goldfish could have lived in there!!!! Of course in the process of trying to get the fixture down, about a gallon of water dumped out of the ceiling all over me!

They tell me I will look back on days like this and miss them. I think they are full of crap!!! You just can't make this stuff up!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the continued prayers-- we need them!

Sunday April 22— Tanya from MOPS calls
The doctor is trying to get control of my gestational diabetes my, blood sugar is still higher than they would like. I was put on carb counting diet and given snacks through out the day. I think this will help as then I will not have to eat bigger meals than I am use to because I won’t be eating for another 4-5 hours. Besides that I think that is why I have been getting heartburn really bad since I got here. (I know it is not the spicy food here at the hospital!) Greg and the kids stopped by today it sounds like their day was a lot smoother today. No fires, stains, spills, or floods.  
Cuatro loves it when his brothers and sister and daddy come to visit, he all of a sudden gets very active in my tummy and kicks like crazy, especially when a sibling is trying to hug him or cuddle with me (which is code for smashing him).
They left early to prep for the week ahead. It is going to be another busy one for the Woodpile! Tomorrow marks 31 weeks!
Thank you for your prayers, one week down!

(31 weeks) Monday April 23         baby check ultra sound
*Marla/ Andi visits - 12
*Megan visits - 11
 *Tanya visits
* Trena Rose

We had lots of visitors yesterday from various parts of our life,  2 Spouses from the squadron came by, a couple of old friends from Florida, and a MOPS mom from church stopped by. It was nice to see and talk to people other than nurses. However we were tired. Greg stopped by and we caught up on how he and the kids were doing. (much better than this weekend) Jonathan had a meeting last night so I did not get a chance to see the kids today but I spoke with them on the phone. – They sounded like they were doing well.
The ultra sound yesterday indicated that Cuatro’s fluid level was going down but nothing that they were concerned about since he is still active and happy. He is however still sideways and likes to hide his head in my hip. I am hoping he positions himself down soon.

Tuesday April 24
*Stacie visits
Got out of my room to go to mom chat today, meet other moms that were here for similar reasons or worse. Cuatro is the oldest kiddo still in the womb so I feel fortunate. A girl friend came over to visit with me and I helped her sort coupons to be shipped overseas to the military bases. I did not get to see the kids today there was a meeting at the high school that JP and Greg needed to go to. I did see Greg though – he looked good.
They changed my meds for diabetes. My morning fasting test is still too high and my body has grown resistant to the medication they have been giving me – I am praying this one helps – I am beginning to feel like a pin cushion.

 Wednesday April 25 –*Karin visit
                                    * Jeannie Potts visits

All is well here in the hospital – I am feeling Cuatro kick more intense. We played get your foot out of that spot for an hour and I am sore! – I did win though – He fell asleep!
They are still trying to regulate my sugar level and trying different doses of insulin to cover my meals.
I had a couple of visitors today from the squadron and my MOPS mentor mom that I knew from last time we lived here. And of course I got to eat dinner with the kids and Greg – They brought in Chipotle and I had hospital fajitas – It was good to see them.
Thought you would be amused by the following email that I got from Greg yesterday morning.     

*          Email from Greg--- Can you order extra mustard packets with one of your meals today?  I don't have time to go to the grocery until at least this weekend and your daughter refuses to eat the sandwiches I fix for lunch with anything except yellow mustard.  All I have is brown mustard which is basically the same thing, but apparently not good enough for my little princess.  I blame you.......

*              Bec says she only has boots and flipflops.  Also keeps changing clothes.  Looks like a homeless girl.  I'm going to scream!!!!!

*              OK.  Finally dressed respectfully and we are leaving.  Sent her  a packet of "expensive" brown mustard I found in the fridge that she can put on herself.  Once she heard it was expensive she decided she would try it.

Again - I blame you  :-)

Love you all ,

Thursday April 26 
*Meg’s birthday

It was a quiet day yesterday. Our only visitor was Greg who came after work before going to Jonathan's ROTC drill competition. We were suppose to have an ultra sound but that did not happen either so I spent my day counting coupons brought to me by the Spouses Club (we send them overseas to the bases over there because they can use our expired coupons 5 months after they expire) and learning to crochet. I was so proud of myself I made a baby hat- it looks pretty good for just learning yesterday!  (all thanks to the internet and tutorial videos!)

Love you,

Friday April 27 –ultra sound
            *Mentor Mom from table came by
            *Aunt Mary Uncle B & Sarah/ Scarlett came by
I had an ultrasound this morning and found out that Cuatro had made his way head down. I am so happy that he decided to change positions! I had a nice visit with my cousin Sarah, baby Scarlett, Uncle B and Aunt Mary today. It was nice to see family! All is good – one more day down!

Saturday April 28
Started bleeding more – was monitored several times baby looked good spent day on my side laying flat

Sunday April 29— Lora’s birthday
Bleeding still

(32 weeks) Monday April 30 – Sarah and Ron pick up mom
Mom arrives at 2:30 Denver

My mom came into town to give Greg much needed help around the house. Tomorrow Rebecca has surgery to get her tonsils out. I am not happy that I am in the hospital and not able to be with her during this time. Cuatro looks good we have made it to 32 weeks we have two more weeks to go. I think today was the first day that being in this room has really worn on me. I did get told I was able to leave the room in a wheel chair for 30 min. but the kids came to see me too late today that I did not get to go out.
There was lots of excitement to watch today out my window though. Mrs. Obama was next door at the Olympic Training Center to start out the Warrior Games and there were lots of security and people to watch –I took a couple of pictures in hopes that I got one of her but I don’t think I got her.

Love you all,

Tuesday May 1 – Becca surgery
Stacie visits
Sgt. Sills visits

What a day! I was filled with thought of Rebecca and her surgery today to get her tonsils out and the fact that I was not with her which was very hard for me to let Greg have control of that. My mom came by this morning which was a nice distraction! Rebecca did really well Greg said and is now recovering on the couch.
I had my ultrasound to see how the baby was developing. He looked good, scoring 8 out of 8. His fluid level was normal and he was demonstrating his breathing technique.
Mom got to be there with me to see him. He had his foot by his face and was covering it with his hands so we did not get a really good look at his face.  Next Monday we will get an ultrasound to see how big he is.
Greg came by himself tonight to eat dinner with me. It was a nice much needed hospital “date”.

Wednesday May 2
Rebecca and Mom came to spend the morning and eat lunch with me. It was so good to see her and see that she was good with my own eyes! She ate some mashed potatoes and the nurses here gave her two tubs of raspberry sherbet to eat while she was here.
The doctor said that next Monday we will put my induction on the calendar for May 14th – There is an end…..

 Thursday May 3
baby check ultra sound
Kim Almquest visited

Last night I started leaking more than I had been in the last two weeks. So they took me to get an ultra sound to check Cuatro out. He has been doing well during monitoring which happens 2X a day for an hour each. During the ultra sound they saw that he was indeed lower in his fluid than in the past ultra sounds. The doctor said perhaps Cuatro has moved and is no longer blocking the tear, he  was not concerned about this since I am not having any contractions and Cuatro is not stressed. So we are still hanging out in bed playing the waiting game. Greg, Mom and the kids came up tonight to eat dinner with me. It was nice to see them and share a dinner.

Friday May 4
They did another ultrasound this morning -- fluid level was up a bit more (5 3/4) than it was yesterday -- must be all the water I was drinking. He looked good- He was holding his foot up to his face again and sucking on his hand. He was stubborn and did not want to breathe for the lady but she "shocked" him with the noisy machine and he finally did it. He also did not like the monitor pressing on his back and tried bucking it off. It was comical! I got to see his face – or what he would show us with his hands and foot in the way – via 3D that was neat. And she measured his big foot – it was 3 inches!
At home, Jonathan received the Military Order of the Purple Heart Award (one of only twenty cadets to receive the award around the U.S.) Rebecca is slowly recovering from her surgery. She is reluctant to talk and she needs to drink more liquid but she looks good. She and mom came to the hospital to have lunch with me and Greg stopped by after work before Jonathan’s award ceremony. Daniel is enjoying Nani cooking breakfast for him.
 Saturday May 5
                        *Pam comes to town
Greg and the kids and the moms came early today it was 80 degrees outside so I asked for my wheelchair privileges and got to go outside for 30 min – well we stretched it a bit and were out for 40 min. it was so nice to be outside in the sun! This was the second time in 2 ½ weeks that I have been outside. Cuatro was a little quiet today – He kicked but he was more of a sleepy baby today.

Sunday May 6
Today was a good day the moms and Daniel and Becca came to visit in the afternoon and Greg and JP came by for dinner before they went to the airport to welcome home a soldier coming back from Afghanistan. Cuarto and I have been hanging in there, really nothing new to report except that the doctor told me that it would be easier for me to go into labor by myself than for them to induce me next week because of the fact that I have had a c-section before and there are some drugs they can not give me because it would risk another c-section. – I have talked to Cuarto about this but it really out of my hands!

(33 weeks) Monday May 7
*Jeanie Potts came to visit

                        Cuatro is now 33 weeks! The tech came in early this morning (7am) to take me to get a growth ultrasound. It is estimated that Cuatro is about 4 lbs 11 oz  we have one more week to go so by then he may be 5 lbs. “The moms” came in to visit today briefly and fill me in on their exciting adventures. From dead car in the garage to getting mooned on the road it sounds like they should have their own grandma blog!

A NICU doctor came in to talk with me about what to expect upstairs once we deliver. He said really that by having Cuatro stay in as long as he did was the best we could have done for him and at 34 weeks we should be one of the boring patients. All the possible scenarios that could happen to Cuatro minimize by 34 weeks. He also said that once he is here Cuatro is in charge of when he is discharged from the hospital. Basically when he figures out how to eat and breathe at the same time!  He did say what I have always known from teaching and mothering that boys are a bit slower than girl.
The doctor told me to expect possibly Cuatro’s original delivery time as a discharge time- June 25th
The NICU also encourages family to visit so the kids will be excited to hear they are able to see Cuatro.

Tuesday May 8         
·         Mom leaves

I had another ultrasound today – Cuatro moved well but he would not practice breathing today. His fluid level is down from 5 to 4 but that is to be expected the doctor said. My mom left to go back to San Antonio today and my cousin Sarah was wonderful enough to drive down form Aurora and come pick her up and take her to the airport. I had the midwife come and prep me for Monday. She told me they would start early in the morning with Pritocin and go from there. She also gave me some videos to watch since I expressed some concern that I have not done this in ten years and we did not have time to go to a refresher course!
Greg and the kids come down to visit. It was good to see and laugh with them- we prepped them for Cuatros arrival and that he would be in the NICU for awhile. 

 Wednesday May 9
It was rather a boring day today --- nothing exciting happened. I am just getting anxious for Monday to come, I am ready to meet Cuatro, I am so ready to get out of the hospital and go home and have some sort of normal family life again. I am even ready to cook my own dinner – Ordering the same four meals again and again is getting old! It has been very hard for me to be here and not able to prepare my house for the baby as I have done in the past—I did not even get to nest! This last week has been hard on the whole family as we see and end to me being here but it can’t come fast enough!
The doctor did confirm that I am scheduled to be transferred to Labor and Delivery at 7 am on Monday morning.

 Thursday May 10
                        Still here – the days are getting longer! Cuatro looked good on all the monitors so we are still waiting.

 Friday May 11
               Had our ultra sound test today were they look at breathing, movement and fluid level. 
Cuatro’s fluid level was up today. He demonstrated lots of big movement but he did not show very much 
breathing (he demonstrated it one time). Hopefully he is waiting to show it on his big day!
 I am slowly starting to send some things from my hospital room home with Greg and the kids it feels nice to 
get some things out of here and know that I will see them at home in a couple of days. The hospital floor is all 
a buzz with me delivering on Monday. All the nurses are excited.  There are only a few of us who stay here 
for a long time (currently 3 of us have been here a month) until delivery most go home before delivering or lose 
their babies. After spending a month with the nurses and getting to know them it is nice to know that I will have 
some friendly faces in the delivery room with me!
Two more long days to go!

Saturday May 12
            Nothing much happened today. Met the doctor who is on call this weekend – he is from San Antonio and is in the military too. Is it a sign????
The kids, Greg and mom Wood came out to see me today and had dinner with me. There was a lot of cuddle time for each of the kids and lots of laughs. I think we are all anxious and excited for Cuatro to arrive. I sent home my flowers and cards with them. The room is starting to look less like mine.

One more day!

Happy Mothers Day to all my dear mother friends! 

Sunday May 13
                        MOTHERS’ DAY
At 10 am this morning I was put on monitoring as I have been every morning since I arrived. This morning I started having contractions – one about every 20 min. or so – I was not worried as I had been having contractions off and on but they would go away. Greg and the kids were coming to spend Mothers’ Day with me and I was excited to see them. After about an hour of monitoring the contractions kept up I texted Greg to let him know I was having contractions but not to worry that they would go away. He immediately called to see what was happening. I told him to go for his run and not to worry it would go away – they always do and it was too early – we had a plan for tomorrow. Greg did a fast run and then called – He had to go meet one of his guys that was coming back from Afghanistan at he airport and then he would be there – I was fine with that as the contractions had not progressed beyond  one every 20 minutes. Greg arrived at 12:30 with lunch in hand he wanted to see for himself what was happening before he brought the kiddos to see me. My contractions had progressed to 4 an hour and it was an uncomfortable feeling but not too bad. Greg watched my face everytime there was a contraction to see how much pain I was in. He wanted me to page the nurses but I knew once I did they would put me on an IV and I would not be able to move and walk around.
At 5:30 the pain got to be too intense and I called the nurses.  As I suspected they moved me into labor and delivery and hooked an IV , epidural and a catheter up to me. I was at 3 cm and 85% effaced. They checked me at 7 and I had not progressed as much as they had hoped so Dr Klein wanted me to sign the paperwork for a C-section so that they could get a room ready.  
They checked me at 8 and I was at 5 cm and then at 9 I was still at 5cm. I was very upset because I felt like my body had failed once again to progress any farther. Greg told me that was not the case and I had done so much already to take care of our baby.
20 min. later I began to feel pain – my epidural was wearing off. I told Greg to check under the sheet something was not feeling right. He did and then turned white and said I will go get the doctor. Nurses rushed in to check me and told me that I had control of the epidural with the button – “What button???” We replied only to find out the nurse did not give me the button – in the meantime they checked me and said “you are ready to push we see his head” – they scrambled to get the team in there – for me and then the NICU for the baby.
Two pushes and Anthony Thomas was born at 9:50.
Greg took lots of pictures and the NICU folks said Anthony looked great. They took him down to the NICU rooms in the hospital and Greg followed.
I was able to see the placenta and I was amazed at the size of the hole that was in it – it was as big as my hand. It was positioned on top so that is the reason I leaked occasionally and Anthony was able to stay in for awhile longer. He truly was a miracle in the making! 

Friday, December 16, 2011


Seems I always start off with good intentions and then somewhere along the way I lose steam and then next thing I know a whole year of happenings have gone by! This seems to be what happens to most of my projects.
Since January, we have packed up our belongings and relocated to Colorado Springs again. This was a welcomed move for us since we were all having problems adapting to Utah and the customs that go with that state. We (the kids and I ) spent the summer in Texas visiting my family. We hung out at the ranch and at the coast and even spent a week at my sister's house in Dallas were I was able to show everyone where I went to college-- TWU.
I was not able to continue working in Colorado because they would not except my out of state license. So I had to apply and wait for a Colorado license which took 22 weeks to get. This allowed me the freedom to say "yes" (after MUCH praying) to an opportunity to go to England with a group of amazing women on team for an ACTS retreat. This was an amazing time for me! Not only was it a great opportunity to minister to ladies at Walsingham but it was interesting to learn all the history that surrounded us at Walsingham. Especially since Greg's Grandma was from England and moved to the US after WWII. She use to tell me she would watch the Catholic mass on TV and I really did not think anything of this comment until I learned and understood the conflict that England had with Catholics.
Anyhow, upon returning home I was so exausted and dizzy that I thought I was coming down with the flu. It was not the flu!
I am pregnant! For me this statement comes with lots of emotion both good and bad. See I am 41- while this is not old in terms of one foot in the grave -- it is old in the way that I thought life was going one way and it zagged and went a whole new direction. A lot has changed since my last one was born 9 plus years ago and I am at the mercy of an Army Hospital and all of their rules and checks which at times is frustrating for me. Thus begins my journey in this new phase of my life.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Things in my head

As I decompress from the week I have so many random thoughts that I thought I would spill them out here -- it has to be healthier than yelling at people right??

* Last night JP had a basketball tournament with a game at 4 and a game at 8 so basically we (the kids and I were away from home till 9 pm). At the 4 pm game JP played for 3 min. and scored 6 points -- then the coach took him out-- let me first tell you that he is on the A team with 8 other guys and of those 8 there is what I like to call the fab 5 -- These are 7th graders who have been playing for as long as they were in diapers together so of course they start, finish and pretty much rule the game-- the other 7th grader and one 8th grader play occasionally and then the 2 8th graders JP being one of them and the coaches son being the other who hold the bench --At the 9pm game (the second game that Greg has been able to make) JP did not play at all. In seeing this and having it happen again at a different tournament earlier this year I gathered (with 5 min. left) the kids up and told Greg to take JP home and I walked out saying there was nothing more to see here. I was mad -- then I decided to check the rules and went to another teacher to ask if this was one of those games that we forfeit if we don't play everyone -- he said no and I told him the situation and said in the future when he coordinates this there should be a rule! and I walked out.
This morning I woke up still very angry at this coach/fellow teacher of mine that I had Greg go to JP's game and I went to Becca's. I am told JP played for the last 6 min. but the coach threatened to take him out if he tried to make another basket. JP was not making them this morning.
This coach/teacher happens to be JP's Algebra and Religion teacher whom JP does not get along with anyhow and it is not because he is failing either in fact he is getting A's in both classes. They however have two different personalities and there has been conflicts during the year.
I should have an understanding heart but when you mess with my children I get a bit momma bear!
JP's is upset but he just jokes about it -- so much like his father!
So I guess I need to let it go -- until the next time!

I would like to appreciate things around me this year, so with that in mind...........

* My partner (5th grade partner) at work is going through a divorce. This is very strange to me because in all of my years I have never known anyone who has gone through a divorce. It is foreign to me the things she is having to think about and do. So it has made me appreciate what I have and who I have in my life. While Greg and I have disagreements (if you live with some one long enough you are bound to) I can't see life without him. He and I have talked about this a lot lately because it is making me think and luckily we both agree. So I am appreciative of him and I have started to let him know that more- I don't think I told him enough before.

*4 more months in Utah-- I believe we are ready the school year seems to be flying by but we as a family have accepted this and we are ready. (I am ready-- the family was already on board)
Utah has been an assignment that has brought us closer together, we don't have very many if any friend outside of us so it has been really lonely for all of us. The cultural differences in us and our neighbors have impacted us a lot! We have banded together and I believe grown stronger as a family. Perhaps that is what moving here was all about???

* why can't kids pick up what is right around them?? How can they not see their shoes on the floor or pillows and blankets everywhere?? Okay, I suppose I will appreciate that they can throw them there right??

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Resolutions smesolutions!

So I was going to do a year end review of all the things that happened in 2010 but I was so busy enjoying my vacation I forgot!
So I will start the year 2011 trying my best to be more committed to writing in my blog. That and eating more vegetables and less meat -- so far I have lost 3 lbs! It is hard to do as I have to plan way in advanced for lunches and dinners.
I am also walking-- I am trying for 5 times a week and so far so good --
But it is only the FIRST WEEK!
Here's to a healthier and more informed New Year!