Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Eggs

Talk about last minute...
Oh well they are done and the kids had a great time decorating and mixing the colors on the eggs.
We made our usual cascarones (confetti eggs) To have enough for Easter I start collecting them when Lent starts. I make a hole in the egg about the size of a quarter so you can use the egg yolk and whites in cooking. Then after they are dyed and dried we stuff them with confetti and seal it with a square of tissue paper. Then on Easter morning not only do we have a egg hunt but then we get to crack them on peoples heads! There is a technique to this of course because the fun is not only cracking it first before you gently slam it on the person's head but also in rubbing all the confetti in their hair so they are finding it for days after. If you have thick hair like me it IS possible to find it days after even with several washings!
However, this family fun was voted to be held when Daddy comes home next weekend.
So not only did we dye these but I also did something I have never done and gave them hard boiled eggs to dye. Funny thing was they were not sure what to do with the hard boiled eggs. I told them that we would use these tomorrow to have a small egg hunt and then we could eat them like develed eggs. They were all into that as soon as I said we could eat them!!!

I have been using this recipe for years to dye our eggs and it works great

Easter Egg Dye
1 c. boiling water
2 tsp white vinegar
a few drops of red, blue, green and yellow food coloring or the Neon food colors work great too. (I use both)
For more colors mix the color combinations to get your own unique color. My daughter likes pink and my son likes orange so we mix these up too.
don't forget a spoon (plastic) for each color to get the eggs out of the different cups.

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veronica said...

I am definitely using this next year! And you should definitely add it to the recipe book! :)
Your colors are much more vivid than my dollar store kit.
love you! Happy Easter!